Technologist Issa Asad talks about the future of Telecom and Social Media

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In the world of social media one day you're in and the next day you're out. When you don't follow through with your social media strategy it's easy to let things get out of control or even worse, no one cares.Author and Entrepreneur Issa Asad outlines in his Instant Profit books how to get started in social media and how to get real customers and interactions.

Issa's book on AliBaba, one of the biggest companies in China, is a great starting place for learning about creating a business online. China is one of the fastest growing economies, and with over 1 billion potential customers, it's a market that can't be ignored.

Issa Asad's Instant Profits series was created to help people understand how to leverage social media to fit their business model. As technology evolves it's important to keep up with the times. Is your business using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites to leverage new clients?

In Issa's books he tells you exactly how to use these social media platforms to take advantage of the rapidly growing field of social media marketing. There are also some software options available for maintaining your social media profiles. Windows programs like BuzzBundle are a great way to help manage the day-to-day operation of your social media account BuzzBundle is a windows based software that can be purchased from BuzzBundle also creates a windows software called SEO Powersuite that provides some great tools for SEO. Installation and usage of this software is fast and easy. You can manage profiles like facebook with very little effort. The best part about BuzzBundle is that it's not very expensive and it's intuitive to use.

Before you get started using software to manage your social media campaigns, make sure you have a clear cut strategy in place. A little planning goes a long way in the world of online marketing. Issa Asad's Instant Profits series will provide you with a blueprint to get started. His book on Instagram is a great starting place for those that know very little about Instagram to begin with. The book will walk you through the setup and the execution of your first campaigns. Once you know what you're doing it's easy to get more followers.

Facebook is probably still the king of online marketing. It's easy to find followers and engage with real users on Facebook. You can even run ads to find more users on Facebook.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has got Two Task Managers

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Windows 8 has brought a lot of new features and feature enhancements. One such feature enhancement is the Windows Task Manager which provides a lot more details about the system including live CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Usage. There are a total of seven tabs in the Detailed Task Manager in Windows 8 which include Processes, Performance, App History, Startup, Users, Details and Services. Even within individual options there are further details. For example, inside the CPU section of “Performance” tab, there are details on the current percentage of CPU utilization, CPU utilization speed, number of running processes, threads and handles, number of physical and logical processors, cache details etc.

But the interesting thing is that we have discovered the old task manager of Windows 7 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview too.

IE 10 Platform Preview 5, Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta Released

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Although Windows 8 Consumer Preview was the main highlight of the Microsoft releases today, three other important beta releases of Microsoft products also took place simultaneously. The first of them was the IE 10 Platform Preview 5 which is embedded in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Operating System as of now. As mentioned earlier, Internet Explorer 10 will be a touch friendly browser optimized for the Windows 8 OS. The IE 10 browser was available in the Windows 8 Developer Preview version too but the new Platform Preview 5 version has been made a lot more metro UI and touch friendly besides being made faster and more stable. The IE10 beta will now support more HTML5 and Microsoft also reiterated in the official release post that “IE10 in the Metro style experience is plug-in free”. However, both the Metro as well as the traditional desktop styles are available in this release too as it was available in the earlier release.

You can test out the IE10 at the IE Testdrive site at:

However, there is no separate download link for IE 10 Platform Preview 5 and it is clearly mentioned to “Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview to experience IE 10″.

The second beta release is the Visual Studio 11 Beta which is most important Windows developer tool and is also directly linked to the Windows 8 OS. Visual Studio 11 is needed to create the Metro Style apps for Windows 8 Operating System. Visual Studio 11 Preview Express Edition was bundled in one of the Windows 8 Developer Preview versions last year. But this time, Visual Studio 11 Beta has been kept as a separate download from both the 32bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The download includes the Windows 8 SDK, Blend for Visual Studio, and project templates.

You can download the developer tools including Visual Studio 11 beta at the official download page at:


Other developer tools on that page include Remote Tools for Visual Studio 11 Beta which allows you to easily install, test, and profile the performance of a Metro style app on a PC running Windows 8 Consumer Preview without Visual Studio 11 Beta installed. The Live SDK, Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8 and Multilingual App Toolkit for Visual Studio 11 Beta are available on that page too.

.NET Framework 4.5 Beta was also released today. It can be downloaded from the official download page at:

or at the Visual Studio 11 Beta page here: